Meet Kate Thwaites

Kate is the Federal Member for Jagajaga and the voice in Canberra for our community. She lives locally with her family and is passionate about supporting people across Jagajaga.

Through the pandemic she has been advocating for people and businesses in our community to get the financial support they need, to be able to safely return home from overseas, and to get faster access to vaccines to keep us all safe.

Kate understands we are facing a climate emergency.

The urgent need to act on climate change is one of the biggest issues consistently raised by residents across Jagajaga.

Kate and Labor believe that we should be investing in a job-creating renewable energy future, urgently reducing emissions and protecting our local environment.

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Connect with Kate

How to Vote

To ensure a better future for our community vote 1 for Kate Thwaites, your local Member of Parliament and Labor candidate for Jagajaga.

Our Plan

Kate Thwaites and Labor will deliver a better future for our community.
Under Scott Morrison and his Liberal Government, our community is missing out. Together with Anthony Albanese and Labor, Kate Thwaites will ensure our community here in Jagajaga receives our fair share of services and support.


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