Kate Thwaites and Labor will deliver a better future for our community.

Under Scott Morrison and his Liberal Government, our community have missed out.

Together with Anthony Albanese and Labor, Kate Thwaites will ensure our community here in Jagajaga receives our fair share of services and support.

Kate Thwaites and Labor are standing for:

  • Delivering real action on climate change. Labor will invest in local renewable energy and achieve net zero emissions by 2050;
  • Strengthening Medicare, ensuring everyone can access quality healthcare, and fixing the crisis in aged care so that older Australians are treated with dignity and respect;
  • Supporting secure local work through a boost to Australian manufacturing and jobs;
  • Investing in education, skills and training, including increases to TAFE and university places to ensure locals have the skills they need for their future; and
  • Addressing cost of living pressures by making housing more affordable, reducing the cost of child care, and cutting power bills for families and businesses.
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